Coin Levels is a crypto trading platform that I am currently building. I built it to help with my trading as I like to make level to level trades. These are prices which are considered key levels because high timeframe players enter at these levels, involving a high volume, and key resistance / support zones. I wanted a way to automate all the chart drawing and key level analysis.

The site has integrated TradingView charts, and it is built with ReactJS. I am performing various statistics on the backend, and I use a variety of strategies to this, along with standardised indicators that are constantly computing new values.

My plan for this platform is to continue to improve it by supporting more exchanges, adding more indicators, and my next target is to add a Machine Learnine analysis for particular patterns, and to combine that with alerts. This would rapidly improve my trading, as not only would I have brilliant technical analysis, but also the timing would be spot on with the alerts.