The idea of Subliminator was taken from the psychological literature, particularly of the Priming Effect. The most cited research on this was where researchers primed people with ‘old’ related words, and they found that on average, those people walked slower down a hallway. I was always aware of the power of the mind after reading a lot of self-help books in the past and applying them to self-improve. I am also a strong proponent of the Positive Psychology Movement. Later on, studying neuroscience, and understanding how memory works in a semantic network chain, and how that is represented neurobiologically in our neurons and all their synpatics connections, it made sense to me words are powerful in shaping the mind, even when we aren’t aware of it.

The software allows multiple messages to flash at really fast speeds in different areas of your screen, and at different intervals. For example, you may have them flashing at around 50ms, and have one on the top left of your screen repeating every 5 seconds, one in the center repeating every 10 seconds, and one in the bottom right repeating every 12 seconds.